Managed Router Services

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Increase efficiency and minimize breakdown of your router system

With our full-proof managed router service, you will have a seamless and interruption less working environment in your organization.

The wide area network connects with multiple local area networks which are also known as LAN and then provide service to separate locations within the communication structure of a firm. In this case, the WAN or the wide-area network supervises the entire structure at once. If you want your WAN to be stable and highly effective then you need to maintain it well but most of the businesses don’t have much time for managing their WAN and that’s where the real problem arises.

What are the advantages of choosing Managed Router Service?

With the help of Managed Router Service, you will be able to streamline the performance and availability of both WAN and LAN. Through round the clock monitoring, you will face minimal interruption and maximum efficiency. You will not have to get involved in router management and that’s why you will reduce time wastage and focus on your core job.

Why choose NetworksGrid for Managed Router Service?

The robust and world-class Managed Router Service offered by NetworksGrid includes the round the clock monitoring of routers along with repair and maintenance. We take care of the four important aspects of router which are as follows:-

  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing configuration
  • Project Management

We take care of your network through an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Network Operation Center which guarantees the security of your system. Along with this, NetworksGrid also offers four levels of quality of service scheme for MPLS WAN connectivity. Each level involves strict protocols which are specifically designed to enhance productivity and performance of your internet connection. The router management provided by NetworksGrid is based on HP NNMi monitoring system and Cisco network management tools.

Focus on your core job

At NetworksGrid, we offer round the clock monitoring through which our clients are able to do what they want to do during business hours. By taking care of the backbone of your firm’s enterprise network, NetworksGrid allows your IT professional to take care of other important issues.

Minimal losses and boosted productivity

We are not only a one-stop shop for all the managed router service need but we also offer a tailor-made solution which wipes out the blocks in your enterprise network system in the minimal possible time. With such a robust managed router service, you are able to reduce your losses and boost your productivity.

Round the clock support

Our round the clock customer support system allows you to connect with us at any time and that’s how we make the difference. We have a team of some of the top talents from the industry who are highly responsive and well-versed in taking care of router management in the best possible way.

Minimized capital expenditure

Through our long years of experience and a wide base of clients, we have mastered the art of installing and managing the most complicated router system. By choosing the MRS services of Networks, you will be able to reduce capital expenditure in the long run as it completely wipes out the cost of equipment set-up.

Enhanced operational effectiveness

By choosing our Managed Router Service, you will be able to get away with router failure in minimal possible time as our expert team takes care of every issue and problem. It doesn’t matter how versatile and different your router management requirements are, we have solution for each and every situation and condition.